Direction South

Itinerary summary

  • Day 1 : Arrival in Miami
  • Day 2 : Miami (37 km / 00h30)
  • Day 3 : Miami / Key West (190 km / 02h34)
  • Day 4 : Key West
  • Day 5 : Key West / Everglades (309 km / 03h47)
  • Day 6 : Everglades / Sanibel (144 km / 01h32)
  • Day 7 : Sanibel
  • Day 8 : Sanibel / Miami (279 km / 02h46)
  • Day 9 : Miami (45 km / 00h37)



Detailed itinerary


Jour 1 :  Arrival in Miami

Welcome to Miami, Sunshine Capital of the world!

We wish you a great stay in the land of Uncle Sam!

Economic: Hilton Garden Inn Miami Airport
Standard: The Savoy Hotel Miami Beach
Superior: The Carillon Hotel & Spa

Jour 2 :  Miami  (37 km / 00h30)

Enjoy a morning in Miami before picking up your motorhome between 1 and 4 p.m.

Now it's time to explore the sunny roads of Florida!

Your first campground is just 45 minutes outside of Miami, to give you the chance to get used to the vehicle and pick up some groceries.

This evening you will experience your first sunset over the ocean...

Economic: Miami Everglades Resort
Optional activity(ies)
  • Segway at Sunset Tour
  • Boat Cruise

Jour 3 :  Miami / Key West  (190 km / 02h34)

This morning you head for Key West, the southernmost point in the continental United States.

Be sure to stop at the rest stops along the way to admire the views of the Florida Keys, a 200 kilometre long chain of small islands that extend in a gentle arc off the southern tip of Florida.

You will be amazed by the clear turquoise waters of this seaside paradise.

Economic: Key West KOA
Optional activity(ies)
  • Dolphin Watching

Jour 4 :  Key West  

Spend the day soaking in the sun on the hot sands of Key West's tropical beaches. After all, you are on holiday!

Or you may opt for a cultural experience and pay a visit to downtown Key West. Key West boasts of an unusual and eclectic population, the result of its atmosphere of casual tolerance.

Economic: Key West KOA

Jour 5 :  Key West / Everglades  (309 km / 03h47)

Don't miss this chance to take an alligator safari in the wetlands of this fascinating park.

Take the time to discover the plants and wildlife that thrive in the different ecosystems of the Everglades.

It's like a different world!


Economic: Trail Lakes Campground
Optional activity(ies)
  • Alligator Safari  Coup de Coeur Authentik

Jour 6 :  Everglades / Sanibel  (144 km / 01h32)

Today's destination is the small island of Sanibel.

Sanibel Island is home to a national wildlife refuge in addition to the charming town of Sanibel. 

Visitors to Sanibel Island love the glittering sandy beaches and the island's many shops and restaurants.

Economic: Periwinkle Park and Campground

Jour 7 :  Sanibel  

The town of Sanibel is outside of the regular tourist circuit, as most tourists overlook it in favour of the big cities.

You will quickly discover that this is an ideal holiday destination.

Younger guests will want to spend long hours building sandcastles in the glittering white sand, while the adults take the time to enjoy their well-deserved vacation.


Economic: Periwinkle Park and Campground

Jour 8 :  Sanibel / Miami  (279 km / 02h46)

Spend the morning at this unique family destination and then head for the Miami region in the afternoon.

This is your last chance to enjoy the legendary Florida beaches before your departure.

You will be spending the night in a campground just outside Miami, as your motorhome is due back before 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Economic: Miami Everglades Resort

Jour 9 :  Miami  (45 km / 00h37)

You return your motorhome after breakfast, before 10 a.m., in Miami.

Just a few final moments to enjoy your American vacation before heading for the Miami airport, where you board your return flight.

It's time to leave the land of Uncle Sam, full of memories that will last a lifetime!!!


Optional stay(s)
  • Short stay in New York