Child safety seats and RV travel: all you need to know

Child car seats in an RV

Children measuring less than 2 feet when seated and children under the age of 5 must use a child safety seat while traveling in an RV in the USA. Naturally, the safety seat must be appropriate for the height and weight of the child. 

Note that the child safety seat or booster seat must be installed in the back seat. Babies must use a rear-facing safety seat, as in Canada. 

The following table provides a summary of child safety seat laws, by state:

Arizonayes5 yearsN/A
Californiayes6 years60 lb.
Coloradoyes4 years40 lb.
District of Columbiayes3 yearsN/A
Floridayes5 yearsN/A
Maineyes8 years80 lb.
Massachussettsyes5 years40 lb.
Nevadayes6 years60 lb.
New Hampshireyes6 yearsN/A
New Yorkyes8 yearsN/A
Pennsylvaniayes8 yearsN/A
Rhode Islandyes7 years80 lb.
Utahyes5 yearsN/A
Vermontyes8 yearsN/A
Wyomingyes9 yearsN/A

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